Oct 10

Kitty Alone

Cleo is having a bad week. A 4 months old he was left alone for most of the day. Cat’s are fairly self sufficient. Unlike dogs they don’t eat everything that is put out for them and anything else they can find.

He does not eat all his wet food I put out anyway. I give him a bit in the morning and a bit in the evening. I have cut down how much because he always leaves a lot. Plus he gets dry food. Always has lots of dry food available. So before I left I gave him a full pouch of wet food and filled up his dry.

So food is not an issue. Toys. There are so many toys around that a kitten should be occupied. But when I came home it was to an unhappy tired kitten. The good part of it is, Cleo was extremely affectionate, but to the point that I could not move without him there. I was in the kitchen, and he was making noise and trying to be picked up.Cleo October

He sits on my shoulder and watches what I do, which at that point was putting sardines on a plate. He woke me up, not suckling my ear but cuddling.

I am now wonder what I am going home to now? 2 days in a row. Mmmmm


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Oct 03

Babies first vaccination

Cleo had her first shots yesterday morning.  I am still debating whether to continue.  He is an indoor cat.  The trip to the vet was stressful.  I had to walk there and the carrier is awkward, so I put it on a trolley to roll it there.

Cleo went in the carrier ok, when we got to the sidewalk and it got bumpy he complained the whole way.  Squeak squeak squeak. Unfortunately the case fell off the trolley once and I put it back the wrong way, so by the time we got to the vet someone was really not happy.  I took him out to fix it.

He was so good at that point, even went back into the carrier fine, then saw the vet.  There had been an accident with a dog so the vet had to deal with that so the wait was long.  Baby was not used to waiting, but was so good.  When we were in the examining room he was so good with the vet, no scratching, biting, nothing.  Vet said that he would be a tad sleepy for a few hours.

We broke our trip home with a stop at the framing shop.  As long as we were not moving Cleo was quiet.   He played for a while then he slept for the rest of the day, today he is really clingy.  At the moment he is sitting on the computer tray and is pushing some chocolate coins off the desk.Cleo October4 after vet visit


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Sep 26

Revenge for bad behaviour

Guess it depends on the definition of bad behaviour, but Cleo defines it as anything I do it does not like.  Wednesday was a day I was bad.  I dared go out for a networking event.  OMG I was not there to do what Cleo wanted when it wanted it.

When Emily dropped me off she came in for a drink.  Cleo was really good and only hissed once.  Even came close to Emily and sniffed her.  then wandered around.  At one point Cleo put it’s head into the large plant pot sitting on the floor, sniffed and pawed the floor beside it like they do in the litter tray.

I had a feeling someone had done something in the pot I really didn’t want to see.  Because Emily was here I did not investigate until later.  when I did there was a steamer.  I can’t believe Cleo thought it would be ok to use the plant pot as a litter tray, especially as the litter tray was not even close to being full.

I have some wood pellet litter that Cleo does not seem to like, thinking I might put that around the poor plant.


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Sep 15

New Couch Potato

Cleo has started watching tv.  I put the “Life of Birds” on the other week and se was not interested.  But yesterday she sat for a few minutes on a stool I am using as a coffee table and watched tv.

Today she was just playing, then jumped up onto the stool and is sitting watching the commercials.  It started with the nescafe one so I thought it was the lights, but she is still watching them.  This morning when I did a video workout I moved the stool close to the tv to give me room to workout, she jumped up at one point and watched Dolphina dance, but not for long.

The movie is back on and she is still watching, though not as intently.  Wait she has decided she is hungry.

So now Cleo eats, sleeps and watches tv, with some playing, at the moment a tie dangling down from my jacket is a pull toy.


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Sep 14

Wake up, wake up, wake up!!!

That is how I get woken up, several times.  I’m fast asleep and a small body pounces on me and tries to find my ear, purring while it is nudging my hair out of the way.  Cleo loves to suckle my ear.  I’m not to fond of it especially early in the morning.  If she finds my ear, one paw goes on my face, the other in my hair and she needs me, not so comfy on the face.

So I turn and say “gettof”, and Cleo tries the other ear.  This usually goes on for at least 5 minutes before Cleo gives up for a while then returns.  By the time my alarm goes off I feel like I have had no sleep, and usually sleep in.

My friend Babs suggested hissing like a cat would.  That works when I am awake, now I have to program myself to hiss when I get woken up.

Ah to sleep a night.

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Sep 13

Cat Disciplinarian

Cleo has a habit I hate! It climbs up me using her razor sharp claws. My legs are scratches and flea bites. The fleas are another story. It is so hard to get it to stop climbing that I have the cat disciplinarian out (AKA the water sprayer).

For all other bad habits but this one it works. Cleo was playing with the plants until they had no leaves so a spray here and there and Cleo leaves them mostly alone. But with me, I am it’s favourite climbing pole.

You would think that the box pile in the spare room would be satisfactory especially since she can get to the top of the door, the higher the better, but no. I now can’t wear anything that would show my legs, think they will be scarred for life.

Will keep using the disciplinarian and maybe one day soon it will work!


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Sep 07

sleeping beauty

I live in a flat filled with boxes, think it will take my years to get organised. So when Cleo disapears for hours (since she can’t go outside) I worry. Think the first time I thought she might be trapped under some boxes.

Since then I have found several hide aways Cleo has found to sleep in, her favourite at night is an open box wth my skirts in. The skirts were pushed to the side and Cleo can sleep there and keep an eye on me sleeping. Today I found another hide away, under the sofa. When it is too quiet I now look under and several times today Cleo is there in the dark.

I wonder where the next hideaway will be?


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Sep 02

Cleo the cat

I have just moved into a flat in a new town, and as a housewarming I was given an 8 week old kitten.

My friend sarah was in her car with her 2 youngest girls on her way to help me move into the flat when she heard meow. “Girls have you put a kitten in the car?” “No” replied the 2 rug rats.

Sure enough they had put the kitten in the car because Katherine just had to have her kitten now.

So the kitten went into the spare bedroom while we unpacked until we could not put boxes anywhere else. Had to find the kitty carrier I bought, which in itself was a struggle as it is a collapseable carrier and no one could see it anywhere. When it was found, the kitten went in and was put out of the way.

Since it was 8 weeks old we could not tell the sex, so I named her Cleopatra, since she looked like a girl. Cleo for short.

Cleo has taken over the flat. Toys everywhere, and when I want to sleep, Cleo wants to play. I want to clean or unpack, and someone wants to play with whatever I am working with, at the moment Cleo is walking across me.

I thought I would write a Cleo blog, just about Cleo and I and our life in Southend on Sea.

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Sep 02

Cleo and the phone

It took several weeks before the phone was installed, and Cleo loves to be where I am. So If I put the phone anywhere Cleo can get to she will get to it. Which is almost everywhere!

The phone is usually on the table, if I am near the table, Cleo walks all over it, sometimes running and her favorite is to push everything off of it. It is a phone with the numbers showing on the front where little paws can press them. This usually is not a problem, but there is a hands free button and when Cleo presses that, she jumps a mile.

The other night I had just gone to sleep, and was woken up by a little body jumping on me, then heard a horrible noise. I almost fell out of bed.

I think you can guess what happened. Cleo was playing in the sitting room and pressed the handsfree which put a dial tone over the speaker. Then eventually the dial tone changed to the hang up alert tone chasing Cleo to the furthest room, the bedroom.

Since then Cleo avoids the phone, guess it was a good thing.

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