Start of decluttering

I like my things.  What I don’t like is being disorganised.  To be able to look around and find what I want would be fantastic.  It is not like that at the moment so I am decluttering.

I have made a list of initial things I can do without and have sent it around to people locally.  The list is available here as well.  My car is filled with things for a car boot sale.  Just as I was ready to go, my boiler has died and needs to be replaced.  I thought that would be sorted by now, no.  The next person to come and give me a quote is coming Wednesday at 11 so I can’t do the mid week car boot I was planning to that one finishes at 12.

I may just visit a charity shop.  Though money to pay for a new boiler would be nice I am tired of clutter.

What is your way of decluttering, because I am finding the more I clear the messier the flat looks.


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