Stagnate, no way

On a lot of diets I have lost quite a bit of weight then stop.  No matter what I do I cannot shift any more.  Thought I had reached that point last week.

The problem was I travelled with work.  When I travel for pleasure I walk, a lot.  Sight see and get to know the place I am visiting.  When I travel for work I either walk all the time, visiting desk to desk (so not far walking but standing all day) or I am in the office sitting on my bum all day, not a lot of exercise happening.

Then dinner comes around and if I am travelling with colleagues we all eat together. Problem is hotels do not serve healthy food, no matter how much they say they can accommodate you, they don’t, at all. I stay in a 4 star hotel in Edinburgh, a very nice hotel, but they could not get 0% fat yoghurt in, didn’t have skim milk and used oil cooking everything.

My first week there at the end of June killed me.  I stuck to my diet, no cheating, not once! Everyone around me drank alcohol, had lovely food, I stuck to my diet.  Guess what happened, I did not lose even a point of a kilo.

So week 2 in Edinburgh was a little different.  I ate out of the hotel more, cheated but not a lot, had 2 pieces of asparagus on a protein day. Had a bit of bread with my poached eggs during breakfast, but no alcohol or desert.

I also started doing some aerobics videos that I have had for years, very hard.  didn’t weight myself when I got home thursday, just kept doing the videos and doing the diet. Today I weighed myself and from the 108.2 I was over a week ago I am now 106.2 kg.


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