Prep is a pain

When on a strict diet leaving the house for any length of time, especially over meal times is a real pain!

Places say that they cater to your needs but when you ask them, they don’t.  Keeping skim milk around, no. What about 0% fat yoghurt, no. How about not cooking everything with oil, no even an option.

I had a meeting to go to this week. Lunch was provided, as is all our all day meetings. But I could only have the water.  Sandwiches with lots of mayo was on the menu.  Luckily I brought yoghurt, easy very low calorie cheesecake and a dukan bread open sandwich. I also made some sweet mustard the night before to use as butter on the sandwich, it was so good!

I still do not have the cheese cake recipe just right but it was not bad.  Now I just need to make a good diet chocolate sauce.

For the meeting it took me an hour to make lunch the night before.  This week I have a day with a client and that will take a lot of prep to make sure I have enough food, not enough food and you cheat, I don’t want that.

At least the sweet mustard will stay in the fridge for 3 weeks I don’t have to make a batch each time but the dukan bread takes a long time.  Thinking of trying to make Galettes to see if they are any good the next day.  Anyone try it?

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