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16 June 2012

I have been on a diet since the 1st of May. So far I have lost 9.8 kg. I have had 2 slips. The last slip lasted 3 days. It was my birthday.

But since then I have returned to my pre slip weight. Now I am geared to loose another 9 Kg. The thing is, this is not that bad as long as I am at home but travelling it is difficult. I need to pop up to Edinburgh for a few days. Bit worried.

Think I might have the steak for dinner. Breakfast and lunch I will have to think about.

Today I ate at nando’s, had a Mediteranian salad and half a chicken. 2 bottles of sparkling water instead of a beer. But have a bit of a sweet tooth so have been trying out some new recipe’s, vanilla cheesecake, cookies, and chocolate cake.

The cookies were inedible. The cake a tad dry. Need to leave the cheesecake for 12hours. Fingers crossed!

Going to start doing more high intensity interval training, both weight and aerobic. See if I can loose 10 kg in a month.

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