14.2 KG lost!

Yesterday was a strange eating day.  I really wanted chocolate, went to Tesco’s to pick up a few bits and almost picked up a large chocolate bar. Even standing in the queue I thought that I would pick it up on my way past it.

But I did NOT!

Can’t believe it really.  A kid cut in line in front of me so I went to the fast self checkout instead, right past the chocolate but my hand did not pick one up.

I had several smaller meals, probably a bit more carbs than I should have but I did not do the evening eating I normally do, you know, the large meal then bed time snack.  I nibbled on a protein bar, takes me hours (or days) to finish one, but when I am hungry but don’t want to eat a real meal I have started to nibble on the protein bar.

I went from 105.6 yesterday to 105.1 today. Yeh.

Think it might go back up a bit tomorrow but will try and work on what I eat so it does not.  Once lost, this is one thing I do not want to find again!

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