Pizza Crust Heaven

I order in takeaway once in a while, usually ordering extra for the kittens. Chicken is a favorite of theirs so some chicken strips broken up for their dinner is quite a treat.  I ordered pizza from Papa John’s last friday night.  The pizza was good, but I didn’t eat the crust, just left them on the plate on the table.

Saturday morning I got up and walked around my bed finding a crust on the floor.  When I came into the sitting room there were no more crusts left on the plate.  I am still finding them.  It became a matter of which kitten was doing it.

So I gathered up the crusts, put them on a plate and set them in the middle of the floor.  Cleo sauntered over sniffed and walked off, but Alex, she ran over and picked one up and threw it up in the air.  I’ve seen cats play with mice, and it was exactly the same.  She got bored with one, then picked up another one and ran off.

I ate the leftovers today and she watched until I finished.  then played with one crust then put a paw at one end and started to eat the crust.  Cleo still can’t be bothered with them.


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