Crazy Cat Lady

I have just received a pet stroller.  Yes I am now crazy cat lady.  The one your parents warned you about.  I don’t have a car and have been tying my pop up carrier to a shopping trolley frame and dragging that to the vet.  The cats cry the whole way.

So I thought a proper pet stroller would help them and make going to the vet easier.  Fond a deal on ebay.  It looked sturdy and easy to push.  And the colour was not too bad, not bright and “look at me” but quite sedate.

It also looked versatile so I could use it when I get a car.  It can be unclipped from the stroller frame and straps attached.  They are for hooking over a seat headrest to hold securely.

Cleo and Alex would hop in and out of the basket.  Thought this might be a good sign.  So I did a test drive.  First in the sitting room.

I shoved Cleo in and zipped it up.  Then watched as he found a weak spot.  The zipper does not go all the way around.  The zipper only goes down the sides.  Then at the front is a clip in the middle, so on the front there is space on each side that anyone can stick a hand in.

A cat can stick it’s head out and depending on what angle they can stick a paw and a head.  Cleo started choking at that point.  I was not impressed.

I found some heavy duty sticky velcro.  It takes 24 hours to set.  So I waited then put the two monsters in, zipped it up and went out the front of the house.  They whined less then usual, but still tried to escape but half heartedly.

When I got back inside they both tried to escape and Alex started to choke.  It was not good.  They had ripped the velcro off.  I thought that maybe this was because the velcro was old and the sticky back was probable not as strong as it was originally.  So Saturday I walked to the high street and picked up some more.

I put it on and waited until this morning to test it.  Put the cats in the carrier, attached it to the stroller and off we go.  We had walked about 3 blocks before Cleo’s nose was out.  Then his head, then a paw and head, then choking.  I stuffed him not too gently back.  This continued for the rest of the walk.  Twice I tipped the stroller up to try and push them to the back.  That didn’t work.

When I got to the vet, I was a tad stressed.  Gave my name and told to sit down.  I waited an hour and was the last to be seen.  Don’t think I was logged in properly as the receptionist had to go in and tell him I was there.  Not like he didn’t see me each time he came out for someone.  Even those who arrived after me.

When we went in, Alex got her stitches out, yeh.  I held her and she didn’t squirm while he used the blade to cut the stitches, they came out easily and her wound is healing well.  Then I had Cleo weighed, and found out that I needed different flea treatment for Cleo then Alex.  He is now 4kg 2 pounds.  A big boy, almost grown up.

The vet used some strong tape to try and seal the carrier.  My trip home was better but as soon as I got in the door, they were worse, and scratching to get out, I unzipped one side and both shot out.

I need to find out who the make is and tell them about their flawed design.


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