Wake up, wake up, wake up!!!

That is how I get woken up, several times.  I’m fast asleep and a small body pounces on me and tries to find my ear, purring while it is nudging my hair out of the way.  Cleo loves to suckle my ear.  I’m not to fond of it especially early in the morning.  If she finds my ear, one paw goes on my face, the other in my hair and she needs me, not so comfy on the face.

So I turn and say “gettof”, and Cleo tries the other ear.  This usually goes on for at least 5 minutes before Cleo gives up for a while then returns.  By the time my alarm goes off I feel like I have had no sleep, and usually sleep in.

My friend Babs suggested hissing like a cat would.  That works when I am awake, now I have to program myself to hiss when I get woken up.

Ah to sleep a night.

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