Revenge for bad behaviour

Guess it depends on the definition of bad behaviour, but Cleo defines it as anything I do it does not like.  Wednesday was a day I was bad.  I dared go out for a networking event.  OMG I was not there to do what Cleo wanted when it wanted it.

When Emily dropped me off she came in for a drink.  Cleo was really good and only hissed once.  Even came close to Emily and sniffed her.  then wandered around.  At one point Cleo put it’s head into the large plant pot sitting on the floor, sniffed and pawed the floor beside it like they do in the litter tray.

I had a feeling someone had done something in the pot I really didn’t want to see.  Because Emily was here I did not investigate until later.  when I did there was a steamer.  I can’t believe Cleo thought it would be ok to use the plant pot as a litter tray, especially as the litter tray was not even close to being full.

I have some wood pellet litter that Cleo does not seem to like, thinking I might put that around the poor plant.


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