O Christmas Tree

Today I put my Christmas tree together, thought I would decorate in stages.  Seems I left the lights on the tree when I last put it in the box.  I am one of the rare (but not unusual) people who are allergic to real Christmas trees.  According to research it is not the actual tree but mold spores which are dormant in the cold then when the tree is brought into the warm house then spore.

Not all trees will do this so I don’t know when I am going to see a tree and have an asthma attack.  Happens more at home where it is minus 30 at the moment.  Guess I’m not going home for Christmas!!!

My 4 foot tree is one from Woolies, I used to live above a shop next to Woolworths and bought quite a lot of decorations and things there.  This tree has lasted well.  Easy to put together, think it took me longer to get into the box.  The cats thought the box was exciting, Cleo sat in it and refused to get out.

Then when the tree was up and Cleo had been lifted from the box he started sniffing about, then tried to eat the tree!  The cat disciplinarian has had to come out and Alex (who was chewing on a light) was sprayed.  After another few sprays they have now decided that it is nap time, round 2 to follow…


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