New Couch Potato

Cleo has started watching tv.  I put the “Life of Birds” on the other week and se was not interested.  But yesterday she sat for a few minutes on a stool I am using as a coffee table and watched tv.

Today she was just playing, then jumped up onto the stool and is sitting watching the commercials.  It started with the nescafe one so I thought it was the lights, but she is still watching them.  This morning when I did a video workout I moved the stool close to the tv to give me room to workout, she jumped up at one point and watched Dolphina dance, but not for long.

The movie is back on and she is still watching, though not as intently.  Wait she has decided she is hungry.

So now Cleo eats, sleeps and watches tv, with some playing, at the moment a tie dangling down from my jacket is a pull toy.


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