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Life in my house is not really manic, but with the kittens it does get to be outrageous (by my standards).  I consider home a sanctuary, especially as I have waited so long to have a home of my own.  The tv is not loud, no children running around screaming, quite calm in fact.  So three kittens are manic.

I took everyone to the vet on the Thursday after they arrived.  Cleo had his operation on the Friday, the little snip snip.  The kittens took their shots and recovered with no problem, and the house was only slightly quiet with Cleo gone on Friday.

Emily had seen kitten black and fell in love.  I had told her that kitten black was a cuddly kitten, unlike Cleo and kitten brown who wanted to play and fight then sleep.  Kitten black wanted to curl up on my lap or on the blanket beside me, always touching.  At night he would curl up at the end of the bed and not move, whereas Cleo and kitten brown ran around like maniacs.

Emily decided that kitten black would fit in in her home. But since she travels back home sometimes she wanted to make sure that I could babysit when she was away, fine by me because kitten black is so lovely.

I got a call that evening saying that kitten black had been named Hobbes and they could pick him up the next Monday.  I called kitten brown Alexandria (Alex) and started worming them.


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