Kitty Alone

Cleo is having a bad week. A 4 months old he was left alone for most of the day. Cat’s are fairly self sufficient. Unlike dogs they don’t eat everything that is put out for them and anything else they can find.

He does not eat all his wet food I put out anyway. I give him a bit in the morning and a bit in the evening. I have cut down how much because he always leaves a lot. Plus he gets dry food. Always has lots of dry food available. So before I left I gave him a full pouch of wet food and filled up his dry.

So food is not an issue. Toys. There are so many toys around that a kitten should be occupied. But when I came home it was to an unhappy tired kitten. The good part of it is, Cleo was extremely affectionate, but to the point that I could not move without him there. I was in the kitchen, and he was making noise and trying to be picked up.Cleo October

He sits on my shoulder and watches what I do, which at that point was putting sardines on a plate. He woke me up, not suckling my ear but cuddling.

I am now wonder what I am going home to now? 2 days in a row. Mmmmm


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