How do you tell a child about a new baby arriving?

More difficult when it is a kitten rather than a person you can have a 2 way communication with.  My friend Sarah has informed me she is bringing Wellington over.  I have been saying to Cleo that there is a new baby arriving, but have no illusions he actually understands.

I will need lots more food and a larger litter box for the 2 brats.  What is Cleo going to think?  How is Welly going to act?  Cleo was so scared when he came over to my place, I hope Welly will look at Cleo as a slight older litter mate.  Cleo has to get his 2nd shot monday morning so I might see if Welly can get his first one and a quick check up.  Like to make sure all is ok.  Thought Cleo was small for his age until he had his check up at the vet, who said that he was normal and not to worry.  But they are my ‘children’.

It really is like I am having another kid, I am all anxious about feeding it, will it eat the same food as Cleo or be picky?  Guess we will find out.

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