Cleo’s operation

Cleo went in on a Friday morning to get fixed.  Terrible for me.  Because I don’t have a car at the moment I tie his carrier onto a trolley and roll him to the vets.  He cries the whole way.  The receptionist  took him to the back and put him in their cages.

They called that afternoon to say the op went well and Cleo needed to stay for a few more hours before coming home, so at 3:30 I arrived to pick him up.

I was told he had not eaten nor had he made a sound since waking.  That he might be groggy and have a loss of appetite until the aesthetic cleared his system.  My poor baby.  The nurse brought him out in his cage.  I of course asked how my baby was and he started meowing and making his normal talking noise.

The nurse just laughed and said he knew who his mommy was.  He cried all the way home.  As soon as we arrived in he ran over to the food and scarfed it up.   He didn’t seem to have any adverse effects and was chasing the babies around most of the day.


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