Cleo’s New Toy

Cleo with new toy 30 Oct 09

Cleo with Cheese Chase

Cleo got a package today, most of it was made up of kitty food and kitty milk, but there was a treat in it.  A 3 in 1 cat toy by petstages it is called a cheese chase.  Cleo does not care what it’s called, it is mega fun!

He likes to help me open boxes, like any child help is in the thought rather than action, as soon as the box is slightly open he makes a play to jump in.

He found his food, not interesting as it was all in boxes and pouches, then came the new toy.  The wrapping was still on and he wanted it.  I put the base on the floor and he started playing with it, pushing the ball back and forth.  Then when the mouse went on the top he jumped right on it.Cleo at 5pm still playing

It has travelled across the room and back, now is partially under a stool I am using as a coffee table, still he is playing with it.  Wonder if he will share with Welly?  One of the reviews on Pets at Home said that 2 cats were playing with it, but because Cleo has been on his own for so long, not sure if his sharing instincts have gone.  Guess we will find out when the new baby joins us.  He might be small enough to join the lower ball.



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