Cleo and the kittens

The babies turned up on a Friday night, was supposed to have one and Sarah brought two little bundles.  They are adorable.  The problem is my flat is not big and 3 cats would make me the crazy cat lady.  Ok I am that without having 3 cats.

Cleo just wanted to play and the two kittens (we will call them kitten brown and kitten black for now) were not sure what was going on and were hissing and spitting at Cleo, who was ignoring that and chasing them around.

Sarah left them for the weekend so I could choose which one to keep.  They were so tiny and fought all the time.  The two kittens would hide under the sofa and fight, making horrible squealing noises.  When they ate they had to have different plates because they would growl if anyone came too close.  Kitten black was the funniest.  He would put his paw on his plate between the food any anyone else (usually kitten brown) then grab huge mouthful jump a bit and growl more before hitting his paw on the plate.

Should have taken a video, but my phone is not that great and my video camera doesn’t plug into my laptop.  But it was funny.

By Sunday morning Cleo was herding the kittens, each time they tried to leave the sitting room, he would chase after them and bring them back.  He turned into a real mother hen.  When they were under the sofa he would watch them, though he did chase after them and try and join in.  A giant cat with tiny cats.


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