Cat Disciplinarian

Cleo has a habit I hate! It climbs up me using her razor sharp claws. My legs are scratches and flea bites. The fleas are another story. It is so hard to get it to stop climbing that I have the cat disciplinarian out (AKA the water sprayer).

For all other bad habits but this one it works. Cleo was playing with the plants until they had no leaves so a spray here and there and Cleo leaves them mostly alone. But with me, I am it’s favourite climbing pole.

You would think that the box pile in the spare room would be satisfactory especially since she can get to the top of the door, the higher the better, but no. I now can’t wear anything that would show my legs, think they will be scarred for life.

Will keep using the disciplinarian and maybe one day soon it will work!


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