Babies first vaccination

Cleo had her first shots yesterday morning.  I am still debating whether to continue.  He is an indoor cat.  The trip to the vet was stressful.  I had to walk there and the carrier is awkward, so I put it on a trolley to roll it there.

Cleo went in the carrier ok, when we got to the sidewalk and it got bumpy he complained the whole way.  Squeak squeak squeak. Unfortunately the case fell off the trolley once and I put it back the wrong way, so by the time we got to the vet someone was really not happy.  I took him out to fix it.

He was so good at that point, even went back into the carrier fine, then saw the vet.  There had been an accident with a dog so the vet had to deal with that so the wait was long.  Baby was not used to waiting, but was so good.  When we were in the examining room he was so good with the vet, no scratching, biting, nothing.  Vet said that he would be a tad sleepy for a few hours.

We broke our trip home with a stop at the framing shop.  As long as we were not moving Cleo was quiet.   He played for a while then he slept for the rest of the day, today he is really clingy.  At the moment he is sitting on the computer tray and is pushing some chocolate coins off the desk.Cleo October4 after vet visit


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