Jul 17

The big clear out

Hi, I am having a very large clear out.  Decluttering might be a better term.  Below is a list of items that I have for sale to view the pictures larger, just click on them.  Please email me at email@katherinedavison.co.uk or if you have my phone number give me a call if you would like to purchase any of the listed items. Click on the picture to view larger.

Thanks so much


Item Descriptions Price  Picture
Large Fish Tank and Stand 64L fish tank, with day light and blue light with a floor stand that has 2 doors and storage space
Has heater and filter
Medium Fish Tank Hexagonal fish tank – about 40L, with sand and one plant £20.00
Small Fish Tank Square fish tank with clear top. About 25L with a heater and filter. Stones covering bottom, large stones and scupture for decoration £20.00
Breadmaker Makes loaves 1.5lb or 1lb as well as cake £15.00
Hot water machine – basic Boils water one cup at a time, set cup size £10.00
Foodsaver Vacuum seal bags of food.  Will keep fresh longer.  It also has a quick maranade tool. With some bags. £20.00
Colour Laser Printer business size colour laser printer. With extra colour refils. £75.00
samsung laser printer Mono laser printer, desk size £20.00
Tower floor fan floor fan with remote and area at the bottom to add water for extra cool air £15.00 WP_20160717_15_43_01_Pro
Rice cooker Cooks rice and steams as well £5.00
Juice maker £5.00
Monitor 2 flat screen monitors £10.00
24″ TV and DVD player A flat screen TV with integrated DVD player £25.00
dehumidifier small reduces the amount of humidity in the air – good for one room £15.00
speaker for ipod/ipad a table speaker for a ipod/ipad/iphone with the longer connector £10.00
Fish feeder Auto feeder for feeding fish.  Uses batteries and can have up to 4 feedings in the schedule £5.00
Popcorn maker air popper for popcorn £5.00
Mixer Electric mixer, useful for mixing cakes ingrediants £5.00
Hand blender hand held blender £3.00
Clothes steamer floor steamer for clothes, quick to use and is gentle on clothes £15.00
Treadmill Electric incline, speakers £100.00
ikea display cabinet tall, glass with 4 shelves £40.00
Wii system Wii control box with 2 handhelds, a recharging station, a wii fit board and various games £70.00
A3 Laminator A home laminator that will laminate from small to A3. I have some laminating pouches that I will provide as well in A3, and A4, might have some business card size as well £25.00
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Jul 18

Start of decluttering

I like my things.  What I don’t like is being disorganised.  To be able to look around and find what I want would be fantastic.  It is not like that at the moment so I am decluttering.

I have made a list of initial things I can do without and have sent it around to people locally.  The list is available here as well.  My car is filled with things for a car boot sale.  Just as I was ready to go, my boiler has died and needs to be replaced.  I thought that would be sorted by now, no.  The next person to come and give me a quote is coming Wednesday at 11 so I can’t do the mid week car boot I was planning to that one finishes at 12.

I may just visit a charity shop.  Though money to pay for a new boiler would be nice I am tired of clutter.

What is your way of decluttering, because I am finding the more I clear the messier the flat looks.


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Jul 18

14.2 KG lost!

Yesterday was a strange eating day.  I really wanted chocolate, went to Tesco’s to pick up a few bits and almost picked up a large chocolate bar. Even standing in the queue I thought that I would pick it up on my way past it.

But I did NOT!

Can’t believe it really.  A kid cut in line in front of me so I went to the fast self checkout instead, right past the chocolate but my hand did not pick one up.

I had several smaller meals, probably a bit more carbs than I should have but I did not do the evening eating I normally do, you know, the large meal then bed time snack.  I nibbled on a protein bar, takes me hours (or days) to finish one, but when I am hungry but don’t want to eat a real meal I have started to nibble on the protein bar.

I went from 105.6 yesterday to 105.1 today. Yeh.

Think it might go back up a bit tomorrow but will try and work on what I eat so it does not.  Once lost, this is one thing I do not want to find again!

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Jul 14

Prep is a pain

When on a strict diet leaving the house for any length of time, especially over meal times is a real pain!

Places say that they cater to your needs but when you ask them, they don’t.  Keeping skim milk around, no. What about 0% fat yoghurt, no. How about not cooking everything with oil, no even an option.

I had a meeting to go to this week. Lunch was provided, as is all our all day meetings. But I could only have the water.  Sandwiches with lots of mayo was on the menu.  Luckily I brought yoghurt, easy very low calorie cheesecake and a dukan bread open sandwich. I also made some sweet mustard the night before to use as butter on the sandwich, it was so good!

I still do not have the cheese cake recipe just right but it was not bad.  Now I just need to make a good diet chocolate sauce.

For the meeting it took me an hour to make lunch the night before.  This week I have a day with a client and that will take a lot of prep to make sure I have enough food, not enough food and you cheat, I don’t want that.

At least the sweet mustard will stay in the fridge for 3 weeks I don’t have to make a batch each time but the dukan bread takes a long time.  Thinking of trying to make Galettes to see if they are any good the next day.  Anyone try it?

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Jul 11

Stagnate, no way

On a lot of diets I have lost quite a bit of weight then stop.  No matter what I do I cannot shift any more.  Thought I had reached that point last week.

The problem was I travelled with work.  When I travel for pleasure I walk, a lot.  Sight see and get to know the place I am visiting.  When I travel for work I either walk all the time, visiting desk to desk (so not far walking but standing all day) or I am in the office sitting on my bum all day, not a lot of exercise happening.

Then dinner comes around and if I am travelling with colleagues we all eat together. Problem is hotels do not serve healthy food, no matter how much they say they can accommodate you, they don’t, at all. I stay in a 4 star hotel in Edinburgh, a very nice hotel, but they could not get 0% fat yoghurt in, didn’t have skim milk and used oil cooking everything.

My first week there at the end of June killed me.  I stuck to my diet, no cheating, not once! Everyone around me drank alcohol, had lovely food, I stuck to my diet.  Guess what happened, I did not lose even a point of a kilo.

So week 2 in Edinburgh was a little different.  I ate out of the hotel more, cheated but not a lot, had 2 pieces of asparagus on a protein day. Had a bit of bread with my poached eggs during breakfast, but no alcohol or desert.

I also started doing some aerobics videos that I have had for years, very hard.  didn’t weight myself when I got home thursday, just kept doing the videos and doing the diet. Today I weighed myself and from the 108.2 I was over a week ago I am now 106.2 kg.


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Jun 17

A diet that actually works, and fast!

16 June 2012

I have been on a diet since the 1st of May. So far I have lost 9.8 kg. I have had 2 slips. The last slip lasted 3 days. It was my birthday.

But since then I have returned to my pre slip weight. Now I am geared to loose another 9 Kg. The thing is, this is not that bad as long as I am at home but travelling it is difficult. I need to pop up to Edinburgh for a few days. Bit worried.

Think I might have the steak for dinner. Breakfast and lunch I will have to think about.

Today I ate at nando’s, had a Mediteranian salad and half a chicken. 2 bottles of sparkling water instead of a beer. But have a bit of a sweet tooth so have been trying out some new recipe’s, vanilla cheesecake, cookies, and chocolate cake.

The cookies were inedible. The cake a tad dry. Need to leave the cheesecake for 12hours. Fingers crossed!

Going to start doing more high intensity interval training, both weight and aerobic. See if I can loose 10 kg in a month.

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Mar 27

Fresh Running Water!

I read a lot of forums about the care of cats, because I want to look after mine the best I can.  A lot of them say that fresh water is better for cats then water sitting in a bowl, so I found a great looking small pet water fountain.

They love boxes so both watched me open the box, then sniffed each part and watched me wash everything. When it was put together and water was added they just sniffed at it.  As soon as the power went on and the water started to run, they both backed up a couple of steps and just watched it.  Both watched for an hour.

Alex was the first to get close, putting her paw underneath the fountain.  Then dip her paw in the water.  This carried on for over an hour, Paw in, shake the water off, and run away.

They realised that they could drink from it, now they are drinking from all the levels of the fountain. They seem to love it.


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Mar 21

New Dry Food

As the kittens are growing I am trying to find food that is better for them.  I bought them some store brand crunchy food, they ate it with no problems.  Emily told me that GoCat has dry food for the indoor cat, it sounded good especially the part about keeping litter box smells down.  If you have ever had a kitten you will know what I mean about that one, hits you about 30 seconds after they have vacated it.

GoCat indoor sounded great.  So I put it on my Asda delivery order.  When my groceries arrive it sits in the hallway for the kittens to sniff through and check everything out.  Otherwise they follow me into the kitchen and try to get to everything. If they sniff, they sit on their food table and watch me, makes life easier.

This time they sniffed through everything and found the GoCat bag, they sniffed it and moved on.  It was sealed so I didn’t think anything of it I put it on the kitchen floor and put the rest of the groceries away.

The next morning I walked into the kitchen and found the bag, clawed open and bits on the floor.  Every morning assoon as I walk into the kitchen both Cleo and Alex jump onto their feeding table and Alex is very vocal about food.  As soon as I fill their bowls up with more GoCat Indoor cat food, they munch away and are happy.


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Mar 20

Pizza Crust Heaven

I order in takeaway once in a while, usually ordering extra for the kittens. Chicken is a favorite of theirs so some chicken strips broken up for their dinner is quite a treat.  I ordered pizza from Papa John’s last friday night.  The pizza was good, but I didn’t eat the crust, just left them on the plate on the table.

Saturday morning I got up and walked around my bed finding a crust on the floor.  When I came into the sitting room there were no more crusts left on the plate.  I am still finding them.  It became a matter of which kitten was doing it.

So I gathered up the crusts, put them on a plate and set them in the middle of the floor.  Cleo sauntered over sniffed and walked off, but Alex, she ran over and picked one up and threw it up in the air.  I’ve seen cats play with mice, and it was exactly the same.  She got bored with one, then picked up another one and ran off.

I ate the leftovers today and she watched until I finished.  then played with one crust then put a paw at one end and started to eat the crust.  Cleo still can’t be bothered with them.


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Feb 08

Crazy Cat Lady

I have just received a pet stroller.  Yes I am now crazy cat lady.  The one your parents warned you about.  I don’t have a car and have been tying my pop up carrier to a shopping trolley frame and dragging that to the vet.  The cats cry the whole way.

So I thought a proper pet stroller would help them and make going to the vet easier.  Fond a deal on ebay.  It looked sturdy and easy to push.  And the colour was not too bad, not bright and “look at me” but quite sedate.

It also looked versatile so I could use it when I get a car.  It can be unclipped from the stroller frame and straps attached.  They are for hooking over a seat headrest to hold securely.

Cleo and Alex would hop in and out of the basket.  Thought this might be a good sign.  So I did a test drive.  First in the sitting room.

I shoved Cleo in and zipped it up.  Then watched as he found a weak spot.  The zipper does not go all the way around.  The zipper only goes down the sides.  Then at the front is a clip in the middle, so on the front there is space on each side that anyone can stick a hand in.

A cat can stick it’s head out and depending on what angle they can stick a paw and a head.  Cleo started choking at that point.  I was not impressed.

I found some heavy duty sticky velcro.  It takes 24 hours to set.  So I waited then put the two monsters in, zipped it up and went out the front of the house.  They whined less then usual, but still tried to escape but half heartedly.

When I got back inside they both tried to escape and Alex started to choke.  It was not good.  They had ripped the velcro off.  I thought that maybe this was because the velcro was old and the sticky back was probable not as strong as it was originally.  So Saturday I walked to the high street and picked up some more.

I put it on and waited until this morning to test it.  Put the cats in the carrier, attached it to the stroller and off we go.  We had walked about 3 blocks before Cleo’s nose was out.  Then his head, then a paw and head, then choking.  I stuffed him not too gently back.  This continued for the rest of the walk.  Twice I tipped the stroller up to try and push them to the back.  That didn’t work.

When I got to the vet, I was a tad stressed.  Gave my name and told to sit down.  I waited an hour and was the last to be seen.  Don’t think I was logged in properly as the receptionist had to go in and tell him I was there.  Not like he didn’t see me each time he came out for someone.  Even those who arrived after me.

When we went in, Alex got her stitches out, yeh.  I held her and she didn’t squirm while he used the blade to cut the stitches, they came out easily and her wound is healing well.  Then I had Cleo weighed, and found out that I needed different flea treatment for Cleo then Alex.  He is now 4kg 2 pounds.  A big boy, almost grown up.

The vet used some strong tape to try and seal the carrier.  My trip home was better but as soon as I got in the door, they were worse, and scratching to get out, I unzipped one side and both shot out.

I need to find out who the make is and tell them about their flawed design.


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Dec 18

O Christmas Tree

Today I put my Christmas tree together, thought I would decorate in stages.  Seems I left the lights on the tree when I last put it in the box.  I am one of the rare (but not unusual) people who are allergic to real Christmas trees.  According to research it is not the actual tree but mold spores which are dormant in the cold then when the tree is brought into the warm house then spore.

Not all trees will do this so I don’t know when I am going to see a tree and have an asthma attack.  Happens more at home where it is minus 30 at the moment.  Guess I’m not going home for Christmas!!!

My 4 foot tree is one from Woolies, I used to live above a shop next to Woolworths and bought quite a lot of decorations and things there.  This tree has lasted well.  Easy to put together, think it took me longer to get into the box.  The cats thought the box was exciting, Cleo sat in it and refused to get out.

Then when the tree was up and Cleo had been lifted from the box he started sniffing about, then tried to eat the tree!  The cat disciplinarian has had to come out and Alex (who was chewing on a light) was sprayed.  After another few sprays they have now decided that it is nap time, round 2 to follow…


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Dec 18

New Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Emily and Adam brought Hobbes around to visit while Adam and I put up the kitchen cabinets.  Adam was a wonder and put most of them up without much help!!!  Hobbes greeted Alex with no problems but saw Cleo coming over to say hi and he started to hiss and spit putting his bum in the air and his head to the ground with his large ears back.

The poor little thing was terrified of Cleo, Emily calls him giant cat, but I don’t think my baby is that big, just big in comparison to the babies. Hobbes calmed down a bit ad played with Alex.  The two of them making terrible noises, even Emily was a bit worried they were killing each other.  I told her that was exactly how I felt when they first arrived but they seem to run back at each other when you pull them apart.

It took most of the evening to put the cabinets up but they were easier then we all thought, thank you IKEA!  When we had finished and Emily, Adam and Hobbes had gone home Cleo and Alex started sniffing around the new cabinets.  I put them in one so they could sniff around, guess it passed inspection.


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Dec 17

New laundry hamper

My laundry is usually scattered all over the floor.  I have a laundry hamper bought from the pound shop.  Netting with a wire frame that twists into a flat square, then pops up to hold clothes.  That lasted until my first laundry day with it.  As it became empty Cleo could push it over and climb inside.

Then roll it around the floor. When I would fill it up as soon as he was large enough to jump on top he would push it over and pull my clothes out.  Oh what fun!

Then he ripped it up and the wire came out of one side.  So that had to go.  I decided that the next laundry basket for my clothes would be solid (from ikea) but I could get another one from the pound shop for the babies.

I don’t think I even had it out of the shopping trolley before both Cleo and Alex were sniffing at it.  When it popped open Cleo jumped on it and sat in it for the afternoon, until food was put out.  It is netting so it is not like he is hidden, but he waits until Alex or me walk past then lunges at us.

I tend to put toys on the top and watch him bat them. Too funny!


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Dec 15

Cleo’s operation

Cleo went in on a Friday morning to get fixed.  Terrible for me.  Because I don’t have a car at the moment I tie his carrier onto a trolley and roll him to the vets.  He cries the whole way.  The receptionist  took him to the back and put him in their cages.

They called that afternoon to say the op went well and Cleo needed to stay for a few more hours before coming home, so at 3:30 I arrived to pick him up.

I was told he had not eaten nor had he made a sound since waking.  That he might be groggy and have a loss of appetite until the aesthetic cleared his system.  My poor baby.  The nurse brought him out in his cage.  I of course asked how my baby was and he started meowing and making his normal talking noise.

The nurse just laughed and said he knew who his mommy was.  He cried all the way home.  As soon as we arrived in he ran over to the food and scarfed it up.   He didn’t seem to have any adverse effects and was chasing the babies around most of the day.


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Dec 14

My house

Life in my house is not really manic, but with the kittens it does get to be outrageous (by my standards).  I consider home a sanctuary, especially as I have waited so long to have a home of my own.  The tv is not loud, no children running around screaming, quite calm in fact.  So three kittens are manic.

I took everyone to the vet on the Thursday after they arrived.  Cleo had his operation on the Friday, the little snip snip.  The kittens took their shots and recovered with no problem, and the house was only slightly quiet with Cleo gone on Friday.

Emily had seen kitten black and fell in love.  I had told her that kitten black was a cuddly kitten, unlike Cleo and kitten brown who wanted to play and fight then sleep.  Kitten black wanted to curl up on my lap or on the blanket beside me, always touching.  At night he would curl up at the end of the bed and not move, whereas Cleo and kitten brown ran around like maniacs.

Emily decided that kitten black would fit in in her home. But since she travels back home sometimes she wanted to make sure that I could babysit when she was away, fine by me because kitten black is so lovely.

I got a call that evening saying that kitten black had been named Hobbes and they could pick him up the next Monday.  I called kitten brown Alexandria (Alex) and started worming them.


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Dec 13

Cleo and the kittens

The babies turned up on a Friday night, was supposed to have one and Sarah brought two little bundles.  They are adorable.  The problem is my flat is not big and 3 cats would make me the crazy cat lady.  Ok I am that without having 3 cats.

Cleo just wanted to play and the two kittens (we will call them kitten brown and kitten black for now) were not sure what was going on and were hissing and spitting at Cleo, who was ignoring that and chasing them around.

Sarah left them for the weekend so I could choose which one to keep.  They were so tiny and fought all the time.  The two kittens would hide under the sofa and fight, making horrible squealing noises.  When they ate they had to have different plates because they would growl if anyone came too close.  Kitten black was the funniest.  He would put his paw on his plate between the food any anyone else (usually kitten brown) then grab huge mouthful jump a bit and growl more before hitting his paw on the plate.

Should have taken a video, but my phone is not that great and my video camera doesn’t plug into my laptop.  But it was funny.

By Sunday morning Cleo was herding the kittens, each time they tried to leave the sitting room, he would chase after them and bring them back.  He turned into a real mother hen.  When they were under the sofa he would watch them, though he did chase after them and try and join in.  A giant cat with tiny cats.


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Oct 30

Cleo’s New Toy

Cleo with new toy 30 Oct 09

Cleo with Cheese Chase

Cleo got a package today, most of it was made up of kitty food and kitty milk, but there was a treat in it.  A 3 in 1 cat toy by petstages http://www.petstages.com/cats-playing-menu.html it is called a cheese chase.  Cleo does not care what it’s called, it is mega fun!

He likes to help me open boxes, like any child help is in the thought rather than action, as soon as the box is slightly open he makes a play to jump in.

He found his food, not interesting as it was all in boxes and pouches, then came the new toy.  The wrapping was still on and he wanted it.  I put the base on the floor and he started playing with it, pushing the ball back and forth.  Then when the mouse went on the top he jumped right on it.Cleo at 5pm still playing

It has travelled across the room and back, now is partially under a stool I am using as a coffee table, still he is playing with it.  Wonder if he will share with Welly?  One of the reviews on Pets at Home said that 2 cats were playing with it, but because Cleo has been on his own for so long, not sure if his sharing instincts have gone.  Guess we will find out when the new baby joins us.  He might be small enough to join the lower ball.



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Oct 24

How do you tell a child about a new baby arriving?

More difficult when it is a kitten rather than a person you can have a 2 way communication with.  My friend Sarah has informed me she is bringing Wellington over.  I have been saying to Cleo that there is a new baby arriving, but have no illusions he actually understands.

I will need lots more food and a larger litter box for the 2 brats.  What is Cleo going to think?  How is Welly going to act?  Cleo was so scared when he came over to my place, I hope Welly will look at Cleo as a slight older litter mate.  Cleo has to get his 2nd shot monday morning so I might see if Welly can get his first one and a quick check up.  Like to make sure all is ok.  Thought Cleo was small for his age until he had his check up at the vet, who said that he was normal and not to worry.  But they are my ‘children’.

It really is like I am having another kid, I am all anxious about feeding it, will it eat the same food as Cleo or be picky?  Guess we will find out.

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Oct 23

Litter box or sand box?

I have begun to wonder if Cleo thinks of his litter box as a sandbox. I was woken up several times with someone scratching in a litter box, turns out he had done something, and was scratching the litter in the opposite direction. Then came back later because the smell was bothering him to scratch more in the wrong direction. By the time I got up this morning there was more litter put of the box then in.

He did manage to cover a little of it by the time I had made my herbal tea and set to work cleaning the whole thing out.

What is going to happen when there are two of them?

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Oct 22

Naughty kitty

Cleo has reached either the terrible two’s or is a teenager. I have been working in london everyday this week, which means that I am gone from around 7:30 until about 7:30 at night. Guess that is too long without supervision.

It really started Sunday, I have static stickers on my sitting room windows that look like frosting. It took quite awhile a couple of months ago, Cleo decided he wanted to pull them down, so he started on one. I stopped him, and they were left.

last night I got home to find Cleo at the window pulling the stickers down, the bits are all over. Now he sits under the blind and looks out, or searches for other stickers to pull down. 3 windows are empty, 2 left.

Wonder what will be left when I get home.

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